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By Josh & Virginia Rowland

I’m Josh Rowland with my wife Virgina. We’ve closed 200 sales here in Colorado Springs and I’m very confident that I know what I’m doing to represent you in a sale.

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Multiple offers, two days on market, contract price above list price AND a post-closing-occupancy deal for the seller. FURTHERMORE, this neighborhood was trending an average 62 days on market, with some of the homes siting for 150+ days and doing multiple price reductions before going to contract.

Now, if you watch a lot of news you may be wondering…. But…. “I thought the post-COVID sales boom was over and housing prices are supposed to be crashing because of interest rates?!? WHAT GIVES”?

We don’t pretend to control the market, but thankfully for the residents of Colorado Springs areas, the day of a big recession has not come. After a lackluster, but fairly flat and stable growth curve for 2023, March of 2024 is proving to be a very promising spring season for Colorado Springs and we are excited to see improving sales numbers heading into summer this year.

No matter what economic cycle we are in, this is what happens when clients take advice and follow the program :). We strongly believe in our skills and marketing strategies because these kinds of positive results are common to our listings. This home on St George sold so quickly because the owners did a fantastic job implementing the simple improvements we recommended and they trusted us to market and feature the best parts of the home.

  1. Interior paint, the prior paint theme was of many clashing colors from room to room. We brought in our professional color consultant to select a low-budget paint scheme to accentuate the home’s existing styles and pull everything together. One of the main paint colors inside was Shoji White, from Sherwin Williams.
  2. New countertops. We hand selected a mid-tier quartz counter to help balance out the deep hues and tones of the cherry cabinetry and contrasting floors. In this property, new countertops and using the quartz as the backslpash as well made a huge difference in the way the home showed in photos and in person. Our clients intstantly said “we wish we had done these improvements a while ago.
  3. Paint the primary bath cabinetry a more neutral theme.
  4. Go through and make any needed handyman fixes before going to market. We encourage this step in the process because most competing sellers simply do not take the time to schedule a few simple fixes before going to market. Alternatively, when you have a beautiful property that is turn-key and in good condition with the maintenance up-to-date, it makes all the difference in helping your prospective buyers build confidence and trust in the property they are buying. This psychological shift aids your sale to go smoothly with less complications and less friction during the inspection phase of the contract.
  5. Light staging. The vendors we hire have keen eyes for the details that make your experience in a home feel luxurious. Trusting us to coordinate a stage whether the property is lived-in or empty can make all the difference to the experience a buyer has when they see your home for the first time in-person. You will not get a second chance to make a bigger impact than the first showing.
  6. Let your agent shoot a highlight video featuring the best features of your home. If you’ve hired a quality professional, they will ask you good questions about your experience living in the property and build a tailored marketing plan to optimize the outcome.